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At Golden Crust, we take pride in crafting pizzas that transcend the ordinary. Our commitment to quality, freshness, and innovation sets us apart, making us the beacon of flavour in Toongabbie. Whether you are a local resident or passing through, Golden Crust beckons you to experience the true essence of Toongabbie pizza.

As the preferred Bella Vista pizza restaurant, Golden Crust seamlessly blends traditional pizza craftsmanship with contemporary flavours. Each pizza is a work of art, a canvas of culinary creativity that pays homage to the rich heritage of Bella Vista while embracing the evolving tastes of today.

pizza Toongabbie
Toongabbie pizza

Our Pizza Toongabbie Extravaganza

Golden Crust offers a diverse menu that caters to every pizza aficionado’scraving. Whether you are a fan of the timeless Margherita or an adventurer seeking gourmet delights, our menu is a symphony of flavours waiting to be explored. Each pizza Toongabbie is a testament to our dedication to using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavours in every bite.

Ordering Made Easy

Satisfying your pizza cravings has never been easier. With our user-friendly online ordering system, you can have Golden Crust’s delectable pizzas delivered straight to your doorstep. Whether you are hosting a gathering, celebrating an occasion, or simply indulging in a solo pizza feast, Golden Crust is just a click away.

Visit Golden Crust, the ultimate pizza Toongabbie destination that defines excellence. Our doors are open, and our ovens are fired up to bring you a taste of perfection. Join us in celebrating the art of pizza, where every slice tells a story of passion, quality, and unmatched flavour.



Bexley Venue

Shop B - 689 Forest Road
Bexley, NSW 2207

Phone: (02) 9588 4490

Trading Hours:
6 Days
Mon to Sat: 12pm to 9pm
Sunday Closed

Baulkham Hills Venue

24 Arthur Street
Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

Phone: (02) 9686 2420

Trading Hours:
7 Days
Monday to Sunday:
11am to 10pm

Quakers Hills Venue

Shop 2A - 454 Quakers Hills Pkwy
NSW, 2763

Phone: (02) 9626 8052

Trading Hours:
Open 7 Days
Mon to Thu: 11am to 10:30pm
Fri & Sat: 11am to 11:30pm

Sun: 11am to 10pm